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"Life in the Jungle"

This book by Michael Heseltine, the Secretary of State who set up LDDC in 1981, has many useful references to the Corporation - see especially pages 130,153, 200, 211-214, 380, 397-398 and 515. It was published by Hodder and Stoughton in 2000 (ISBN 0 340 73915 0).

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Select Committee Report

The Government's proposal to establish the LDDC attracted a number of objections. These were heard by a Select Committee of the House of Lords which sat for 46 days starting in February 1981.The Select Committee's report (.pdf 681 kb) was published on 5th June 1981

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A list of the key events in the life of the LDDC arranged in the order they ocurred.  The aim of the page is to give the LDDC's story chronological perespective.

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Public Transport Provision for Docklands

Early in the LDDC's life a Steering Group was set up by LDDC, London Transport and the GLC to carry out a study of feasible transport schemes and assess their costs and benefits. The study was carried out in association with the Department for Transport, the Department of the Environment and the Docklands Boroughs. The Group reported in June 1982 - here is a summary of their assessment of the various schemes (.pdf 1.80mb).

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Corporate Plans

It was the practice each year for the LDDC to publish a Corporate Plan describing its aspirations and plans for the period ahead. Sadly we have copies of the Corporate Plan for only two yearsand

  LDDC Corporate Plan 1989 (.pdf 4.29mb)
LDDC Corporate Plan 1994 (.pdf 3.71mb)

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For Schools

The LDDC saw Education and Training as crucial to ensuring that local people gained full benefit from the new jobs being brought to Docklands as part of the programme of regeneration it was helping to bring to the area. For many years the Corporation's staff included a Schools Liaison Team who among many other things published material for the use of local pupiles and their teachers. We have just some of them:

  Briefing Sheets produced by the LDDC for schools in 1992 (.pdf 1.77b).
"Looking Forward" - Work Experience (.pdf 2.83mb)
  "Changing Place" - Geography GCSE (.pdf 4.91mb)
  "Birds of London Docklands" (.pdf 1.06mb) - an education resource pack for children in KS1 and 2 including a Teachers Guide (.pdf 1.09mb) and pupil Worksheets (.pdf 425kb). LDDC pursued its bird programme in partnership with Texaco. The project included the provision of tern rafts in some of the docks. Sadly the LDDC's sucessors have not always looked after these rafts

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LDDC Brochures

Here are copies of various LDDC brochures which have come into our possession:

  1994 LDDC brochure about a new exhibition centre for London to be built in the Royal Docks (.pdf 6.03mb). In July 1994 the LDDC short-listed four firms to put in bids for this large-scale exhibition Centre on the north side of the Royal Victoria Dock. It took time to choose a developer and to work-up and finance the scheme and it was not until January 1998 that the project was finally given the green light.  The ExCeL Centre opened in November 2000.
1994 LDDC brochure describing the investment and development opportunities available at that time in London Docklands (.pdf 16.2mb)
  1996 LDDC brochure about Housing (.pdf 3.34mb)
  1996 LDDC Brochure "Ecology in London Docklands" (.pdf 4.583mb)
  A brochure about the building of the £255 million Limehouse Link which opened on 17th May 1993 (.pdf 3.88mb). This brochure was published jointly with the consultants and contractors employed on the project
  Heritage Walks - Surrey Docks (.pdf 432kb)
  A 1990s sales brochure about the Surrey Docks (.pdf 8.40mb)
  A 1997 LDDC booklet on historic churches in Docklands and East London (.pdf 1.48mb)

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Canary Wharf

Here is an early description of the Canary Wharf project (.pdf 258kb) prepared by Olympia and York who were the original developers. This item is published by kind permission of Canary Wharf Limited.

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1994 MORI Research Studies

In November 1994 the LDDC commissioned MORI to conduct research studies on attitudes to London Dockands among local residents and local businesses. Here are the MORI reports:

  Attidudes to London Docklands - a survey of local residents - November 1994 (.pdf 8.94mb)
Attidudes to London Docklands - a survey of local businesses - November 1994 (.pdf 6.40mb)

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Facts and Figures

Here is the Key Facts and Figures sheet published by the LDDC's Corporate Information Unit for the period ended 31st March 1996 (.pdf 561 kb)

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DETR Studies

IN 1997/98 the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) commissioned an evaluation of the LDDC by Cambridge Policy Consultants Ltd. This followed an earlier baseline report undertaken by consultants Price Waterhouse. Summaries of these reports are available on the DETR's website:-

  DETR Research Summary No.16 - "Regenerating London Docklands"
DETR Research Summary No.12 - Baseline Study: "The Condition of London Docklands in 1981"

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NAO Report - How European Cities Achieve Renaissance

In 2007 the National Audit Office carried out a study of how central government departments work with each other and with regional and local bodies to deliver the Government's ambitious aspirations for the Thames Gateway. As part of this study the NAO explored how seven European cities or regions have tackled regeneration and brrought sustainable growth and renewal to local communities. Brief summaries of these companion studies are published in the NAO publication How European Cities Achieve Renaissance (.pdf 2.94mb) . Among the short reports, on pages 21-28, is one on the LDDC's work in London Docklands.

The report of the main studyThe Thames Gateway: Laying the Foundation (.pdf 2.30mb) is also well worth a read. There is also an Executive Summary (.pdf 453kb)

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Overview of LDDC Accounts

As part of a wider NAO study of the Thames Gateway programme, the National Audit Office in 2007 carried out a short analysis of the Annual Accounts of the LDDC over the 17 years of its life.The resulting overview was not published but is reproduced here (.pdf 41kb) by kind permission.

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2009 Presentation

On 1st April 2009 Stuart Innes, who until 1998 was a senior LDDC officer (serving throughout the whole of the Corporation's life), spoke to the Regeneration and Renewal Conference at Birmingham.

  The slides used in this presentation can be seen by clicking below:

Note: The views expressed in the presentation are entirely those of Stuart Innes. The presentation is the copyright of Stuart Innes. It is published for general interest and research purposes only and where reproduced for these purposes the source must be acknowledged. The material may not be reproduced for other purposes except with permission.

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2009 Presentation - Chinese version

In 2009 Stuart Innes spoke to a group of visitors from Chunking in China.   The slides used in this presentation were translated into Chinese and can be seen by clicking below:

Note: Again, the views expressed in the presentation are entirely those of Stuart Innes. The copyright of the presentation belongs to him - it is published for general interest and research purposes only and where reproduced for these purposes the source must be acknowledged. The material may not be reproduced for other purposes except with permission.

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Planning in London - Edition 69

The April-June 2009 edition of Planning in London has an article about LDDC written by Stuart Innes - click here to see a .pdf copy (3.95mb) of the article

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Eastside Community Heritage - Witness Seminar - June 2009

As part of their Working Lives of the Thames Gateway project, a three-year oral history project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Eastside Community Heritage on 29th June 2009 organised a ‘witness seminar’ on the London Docklands Development Corporation. The panel comprised, among others, former members of the staff and board of the Corporation including David Donohue, Eric Sorensen, Cllr Conor McAuley, Stuart Innes and Howard Sheppard. The panel also included Lord Howe.

Attached is the research paper (.pdf 461kb) drawn up by Henry Miller in preparation for the Seminar as well as copies of two speeches (.pdf 644kb) made by Lord Howe (then the Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Howe QC, MP) on the Isle of Dogs in 1978 and 1988 which he tabled at the Seminar. The speeches were first published by the Bow Group.

For more information visit the website of Eastside Community Heritage.

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Royals Links

Royal Docks - short history

In the case of the Royal Docks and Beckton much of the information in the LDDC's monographs and area booklets has been abstracted with other material into a single short account of the history of the area of Newham to the south of the A13.  To see this visit the History Page on the website of the Royal Docks Trust (London)On this site you will also find information about current developments in the Royal Docks.

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Transport Infrastructure - Royal Docks

Some readers will be interested to know about the progress made in developing the transport infrastructure in the Royal Docks since the LDDC closed its door in 1998.  There is a good summary of the various projects completed, in progress or planned at the Surface Access Page of the London City Airport Consultative Committee which also includes a wealth of information about the origins and history of the Airport and its current operations.

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West Silvertown Village Community Foundation

The West Silvertown Online website includes a wealth of information and pictures about West Silvertown today and how it was in times past.

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LDDC's Archives

EXCEPT for its planning files and registers the LDDC's records, including copies of its publications, were transferred to English Partnerships which is now known as the Homes and Community Agency. They are now stored there in a large repository at Hemel Hempstead along with the files and other records of the other Urban Development Corporations in England together with those of the former English New Town Development Corporations and those of the Housing Action Trusts. Here are the contact details:

Records Services
Homes and Community Agency
Central Business Exchange
414-428 Midsummer Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes

Tel: 0300 1234 500

E-mail: mail@homesandcommunities.co.uk

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