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Links to Reports and Articles on LDDC's Human Resources policies and programmes in it closing years.  Papers provided by the Corporation's Director of Personnel and Administration.

Some of the papers are in Acrobat .pdf format and to view them you will need an Acrobat Reader. This can be obtained free of charge by clicking the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon opposite. 

IT was a mark of the huge dedication and commitment of its staff that the LDDC managed successfully to run a huge programme right to the end of its life in 1998 and to leave the scene with what it is now acknowledged by its successors to be a minimum of trailing wires for them to resolve. 

With dissolution looming everyone faced the certainty of redundancy.   To retain the experience of its people (most of them very marketable), and to sustain motivation, the Corporation adopted a package of human resources policies which proved to be such a success that it is still talked about in professional HR circles.

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Architect of the programme was David Lowman, the Corporation’s Director of Personnel and Administration, himself an LDDC veteran having joined the Corporation in 1982.  He has kindly provided to following papers from his collection. They are reproduced here in the hope that they will be of general interest to students of Docklands history and also, perhaps, as a useful case study for HR professionals:


Final Personnel Annual Report - 1 April 1997 – 31 March 1998

 - Main Report (Alt+2)
(Acrobat 233k)

Appendices to Main Report (Alt+3)
(Acrobat .pdf 265k)
Note: To preserve the privacy of former members of the LDDC’s staff, and because not all material is of ongoing interest, some Appendices have been omitted or abridged.  To minimise loading times the data in some charts is shown in tabular form and the charts in the original Appendix F have been omitted. 

Slide Show about Personnel Policy in the Corporation’s closing period (Alt+4) (Acrobat .pdf 128k)
From The Top (Alt+5) an article by Carole Pemberton first published in The Guardian on Saturday 21st March 1998.  (Appendix O to the Final Personnel Annual Report 
(HTML 13k)
Health before Sickness (Alt+6) – 1998 article in People In the Public Sector  (Appendix P to the Final Personnel Annual Report)
(HTML 45k)
Completion Update 11 (June 1997) (Alt+7).  Text of one of the  newssheets issued by the LDDC’s Completion Team, in liaison with Personnel, to keep staff up to date with the completion programme.
(HTML 66k)


David now works as an independent HR consultant and can be contacted by E mail: Click Here

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