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Large Illustrations
Appendix A - Conservation Areas
Appendix B - Design Studies
Appendix C - Development Frameworks
Appendix D - Award Winning London Docklands
~ Isle of Dogs
~ Wapping and Limehouse
~ Surrey Docks
~ Bermondsey Riverside
~ Royal Docks





(Note: This Monograph has been reproduced by kind permission of the Commission for the New Towns now known as English Partnerships. It is published for general interest and research purposes only and may not be reproduced for other purposes except with the permission of English Partnerships who now hold the copyright of LDDC publications)

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Large Illustrations

Note:  Some of these images are large and will take time to download

Derelict Land and Water as at July 1981 (55kb)
LDDC Regeneration Proposals in 1982 (126kb)
Current Land Use 1997 (64kb)
Development Progress 1997 (68kb)
Landscape Strategy - updated 1996 (150kb)
Development Framework - Isle of Dogs (65kb)
Development Framework - Limehouse (74kb)
Development Framework - The Royals (40kb)

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Within the Urban Development Area the context for new building varies dramatically. The importance of London Dockland's 18 conservation areas demanded a constrained approach to the design of new buildings which normally needed to conform to the height, the massing, the type and colour of materials, and building lines which characterise the area.

Map of Conservation Areas

Map Ref

Conservation Area

Designation Date

1 Tooley Street 19.02.91
2 Tower 02.03.77
3 Tower Bridge 02.02.78 (Extended 02.10.78/06.08.85)
4 St. Saviours Dock 17.04.78 (Extended 05.02.80/06.08.85)
5 Wilson Grove 19.08.77
6 Wapping Pierhead 30.07.69 (Extended 03.02.75)
7 St. Paul's Church 21.03.83
8 Wapping Wall 20.01.83
9 St. Mary's 09.07.70 (Extended 02.10.78/04.11.80)
10 Narrow Street 03.12.75
11 St. Anne's Church 30.07.69 (Extended 20.06.79/27.03.90)
12 West India Dock 21.11.82
13 St. Matthias 21.02.86
14 All Saints 21.02.86
15 Naval Row 13.01.87
16 Coldharbour 03.12.75
17 Chapel House 13.01.87
18 Island Gardens 03.03.71

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A large number of sites in Docklands existed within established or emerging residential and commercial areas where the Corporation sought to consolidate and enhance the area's visual character. Circumstances varied considerably, and whereas some infilI sites needed to be developed to reinforce building lines and be constrained by the height and massing of adjoining properties, other sites offered the opportunity to be developed to provide focus and orientation. This did not normally mean that excessive levels of development would be supported in such locations, but that the site offered the opportunity of a distinct design solution, for example, to acknowledge an important gateway, to create a local landmark. Such opportunities had to be designed to ensure that the new development enhanced its setting and could be properly integrated with adjoining, existing and future developments. Urban design studies were required prior to detailed building design commencing to confirm and justify the site's suitability for a particular design approach. These studies explored opportunities for the creation or enhancement of the public realm within and in the proximity of the development site, as well as establishing clear architectural guidelines.

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Gateway Study (The Highway) 1981 RMJM
Compass Point 1982 Julian Dixon
Western Dock 1982 LDDC/Shepheard Epstein & Hunter
Shadwell Basin 1984 MacCormac, Jamieson & Prichard
Eastern Gateway Landscape Study 1984 Frederick Gibbard
North Basin 1984 Darbourne & Darke
Stoneyard Lane 1985 Ahrends, Burton and Koralek Architects
Expo Study 1986 Peat Marwick/Gillespie
Stoneyard Lane 1986 lan Ritchie Architects
London Bridge City Phase 2 1986/89 John Bonnington & Partners
Canary Wharf 1986 Skidmore Owings & Merrill
South West Isle of Dogs 1986/87 LDDC
Cuba Street/Byng Street 1987 LDDC
Royal Victoria Dock Tourism Study 1987 Peat Marwick
Millwall Inner Dock 1987 LDDC/Peter Gosling Architects
Royal Victoria Dock 1987 Terry Farrell Partnership
Limehouse 1987 lan Ritchie Architects
East India Dock ) 1987/88 LDDC
Thames Wharf Limmo ) 1987/88 LDDC
East India Dock Basin 1988 Barton Wilmore
Royals Conservation Study 1988 LDDC
Pontoon Dock Mills + 'D' Silo 1988 Manning Clamp, Curtins, Terry Architects
Heron Quays 1988 Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Whitelaw
Orton Street/Bushell Street 1988 Goddard Manton
Woolmore Street 1988 Tibbalds Colbourne Partnership
Royal Victoria Dock + Royal Albert Dock Guidelines 1988/89 DEGW
Stoneyard Lane 1989 Spectrum
Limehouse Basin 1989 Fitch & Co
Royal Victoria Dock South incorporating ) 1989 Tibbalds Colbourne Partnership
Pontoon Dock, Mills and 'D' Silo ) 1988 Manning Clamp Curtins Terry, Architects
West India Dock Pier Head 1989 Conran Roche
Dollar Bay 1989 Chassay Associates
Thames Wharf Limmo 1989 MacCormac, Jamieson, Prichard and Wright
Charrington Lands 1989 Llewelyn Davies Weeks
Wood Wharf 1989 Llewelyn Davies Weeks
Wood Wharf 1990 LDDC
Canary Wharf Phase II + Riverside 1990 Koetter Kim Associates
Heron Quays 1990 Koetter Kim Associates
Cuba Street/Byng Street 1990 David Chipperfield
Millharbour 1990 MacCormac, Jamieson, Prichard and Wright
Hermitage Sites 1990 Denton, Scott Associates
Free Trade Wharf II 1990 Ehrenkrantz, Eckstut and Whitelaw
Naval Row 1990/91 David Chipperfield
Chrisp Street Market 1991 LDDC/LB Tower Hamlets
Dolphin House/Stoneyard Lane 1991 LDDC
Will Crooks Estate 1991 YRM
St. Matthias 1991 Touche Ross
Surrey Quays II 1991 Koetter Kim Associates/Arup Associates
St. Vincents Estate 1993 Llewelyn-Davies
West India Dock Road 1994 ORMS
Jacobs Island 1994 Liftschultz-Davidson
Exhibition Centre 1995 Arup Associates
Thames Barrier Park 1995 Group Signes/Patel and Taylor
South Quay 1996 Chris Wilkinson Architects
Royals Business Park 1997 Aukett Associates

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London Docklands had many large development sites for which comprehensive design and planning briefs were required. Such sites offered the opportunity for the creation of complete new city districts. The development context for this work by the LDDC's in-house team and external advisers was established by area frameworks which were prepared for each of the principal development areas:

Map of Development Frameworks







Limehouse Area 1982 LDDC  


Future for Wapping 1982 LDDC  


Isle of Dogs Design Guide 1982 LDDC  


Hay's Wharf (London Bridge City) 1983 LDDC  


The Southwark Site 1983 LDDC  


Greenland Dock 1984 Conran Roche Architects  


The Royal Docks 1985 LDDC  


The Leamouth Area 1985 LDDC  


Island Yard Area 1987 LDDC  


Brunswick Wharf 1987 Richard Rogers Ptnrs  


Thames Wharf/Limmo and East India Dock Basin 1988 MacCormac, Jamieson Pritchard & Wright  


The Royal Docks 1992 LDDC  


Limehouse 1994 LDDC  


Leamouth 1994 LDDC  


Isle of Dogs 1994 LDDC  

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The London Docklands Development Corporation has been directly responsible for more than 90 awards gained since 1981 but acknowledges as well the significant contribution made by many others in amassing this formidable list of acclaimed projects. While the LDDC realises that the receipt of an award offers no certain guarantee that the project in question will stand the test of time an award does represent an important objective measure of success.


BALI - British Association of Landscape IndustriesBURA - British Urban Regeneration Agency
DoE - Department of the Environment
IAKS - International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities
IMPIM- International Market of Property Professionals (Marche International des Professionnals de I'Immoblier)
NHBC - National House Builders' Council
RFAC - The Royal Fine Art Commission
RIBA - Royal Institute of British Architects
RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
RTPI - Royal Town Planning Institute
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Isle of Dogs


No 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14
* The Building Awards 1996
* Structural Steel Design Award (Commendation) 1992

Clients:Olympia & York, Canary Wharf
Designer: Cesar Pelli

Burrell's Wharf - Phase 2, Westferry Road, E14
* 1995 Housing Design Awards sponsored by the RIBA, DoE and the National House Building
Council - Regional Winners

Clients: Gailiard Homes
Designer: Jestico & Whiles

Millwall One O'Clock Club, Millwall Park, Stebondale Street, E14
* Civic Trust Award Commendation 1994
Clients: LDDC
Designer: Avanti Architects

Poplar Footbridge, Aspen Way, E14
* Structural Steel Design Awards 1993
Clients: LDDC/Wetherby
Designers: G Maunsell and Partners

Floating Footbridge, West India Quay. E14
* British Construction Industry Awards Winner -Small Project 1997
Clients: LDDC
Designer: Future Systems

Docklands Sailing Centre, Westferry Road, E14
* IAKS (International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities) Bronze Award 1993
* Civic Trust Award 1989

Clients: LDDC
Designer: Kit Allsop Architects

Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, E14
* MIPIM Real Estate Business Award 1992
Clients: Olympia & York

Designer: Frederick Gibberd Coombs and Partners, Kohn Pederson Fox/EPR, Troughton McAsian, Cesar Pelli

Blackwall Yard Phase One - (Reuters Building), Blackwall Way, E14
* RIBA National Award 1992
Clients: Rosehaugh Stanhope/Reuters
Designers: Richard Rogers Partnership

Storm Water Pumping Station, Stewart Street, E14
* 1990 Tiling & Brickwork Award
* RIBA London Region Award for Architecture 1990
* CivicTrust Award 1989

Clients: Thames Water Authority/LDDC
Designer: John Outram & Associates 

Harbour Exchange, Limeharbour, E14
* Estates Gazette Commercial Property 1990
Clients: Charter Group
Designer: Charter Group Architects

Maconohies Wharf (Landscaping), West Ferry Road, E14
* Edwin Williams Memorial Award 1990
Clients: LDDC
Designers: Livingston Makingtosh Associates

Financial Times (Printing Works), East India Dock Road, E14
* Civic Trust Award 1989
* RIBA National Award 1989
* RFAC/Sunday Times "Building of the Year Award-(Joint Winner) 1989"

Client: Financial Times
Designer: Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners

Johnson's Drawdock. Ferry Street, E14
* CivicTrust Award 1989
Clients: LDDC
Designers: LDC

CIippers Quay, Spindrift Avenue. E14
* Housing Design Award DOE/NHBC/RIBA 1987
Clients: Roger Malcolm
Designer: Robert Martin Associates

Felstead Wharf, Ferry Street, E14
* Housebuilder of theYear Award 1986
Clients: Wates
Designer: Wigley Fox Partnership

South Quay Footbridge. E14
* British Construction Industry Awards: Special Commendation 1997
Clients: LDDC
Designer: Jan Bobrowski & Panners/ Chris Wilkinson Architects

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Wapping & Limehouse


11 New Town Houses, Brightlingsea Place, E14
* RIBA Housing Project Awards 1995
* The Brick Development Association-Joint award in the Housing Under 50 Units category 1996

Client: Rooff Ltd.
Designer: Proctor Matthews Architects

Hellings Street Playground, El
* Civic Trust Awards l996 - Commendation
Client: LDDC
Designer: Kinnear Landscape Architects

Wapping, El
* BURA Best Practice Award 1995
Clients: LDDC
Designers: LDDC

Hermitage Court, Wapping High Street, El
* Evening Standard New Homes Award 1992
Clients: Bovis Homes/Berkley House
Designers: Bovis Homes Technical Services /Pawson Williams

La Lumiere, Pennington Street, El
* RIBA London Region Award for Architecture 1992
Clients: Calderford Limited/Stockworth Developments
Designers: Rick Mather Architects

Roy Square, Narrow Street, E14
* Eric Lyons Memorial Award 1992
Clients: Roy Manufacturing Co Ltd/Roy Square Properties
Designers: lan Ritchie Architects

Tobacco Dock. Pennington Street, El
* Civic Trust Award 1991
Clients: Tobacco Dock Developments
Designers: Terry Farrell Partnership

St. Anne's Limehouse, Commercial Road, El
* Betjeman Memorial Award (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) 1990
Clients: LDDC
Designer: Nicholas Hawksmoor (original), Julian Harrap (refurbishment)

Prospect Place, Wapping Wall, E1
* Housing Design Awards (Building Magazine) 1989
Clients: Bellwinch Homes/Roger Malcolm
Designer: Nigel Clarke Architects

Prusoms lsland, Wapping High Street. El
* Housing Design Awards 1989
Clients: Wates Built Homes
Designer: Swinhoe Measures Partnership

Rectory Gardens. E14
* BALI National Landscape Awards 1989
Clients: LDDC/LB Tower Hamlets
Designer: LDDC/Anthony Walker &,Partners
Contractors: Brophy

84 St. Katharine's Way, El
* London Borough of Tower Hamlets Design Award 1986
* RIBA North East Thames Architectural Society Award - Commendation 1986

Clients: Legaland ltd/Hill Samuel Propenies
Designer: Goddard Manton Partnership

Gun Place. Wapping, High Street, El
* NHBC Top 100 1986
Clients: Barratt East London/Litchfield Soundy
Contractors: Barratt East London

St. George in the East. The Highway, El
* London Borough of Tower Hamlets Design Award 1985
Clients: LDDC

Gun Wharves, Wapping High Street El
* NHBC Top 100 1985
Clients: Barratt East London/Litchfield Soundy
Designer: Frank Timothy/Crawley Hodgson
Contractors: Barratt East London

Chinnocks Wharf, Narrow Street, E14
* Evening Standard New Homes Award-Best New Apartment-Winner 1997
Client: St. George
Designer: Michael Squire and Partners

Dundee Wharf, Three Colt Street, E14
* Evening Standard New Homes Award - Best New Apartments-Highly Commended 1997
Client: Ballymore Properties
Designer: CZWG Architects

Limehouse Link
* British Construction Industry Awards: Civil Engineering Category 1993
Clients: LDDC
Designers: Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners

St John's Wharf, Wapping High Street, El
* RIBA North East Thames Architectural Society

Clients: Middlemead Limited
Designers: Goddard Mantan Partnership

Shadwell Basin, Glamis Road, E14
* Civic Trust Award 1989
Clients: Sanctuary Land Company
Designer: MacCormac Jamieson Prichard & Wright

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Surrey Docks


The Old Fire Station, Rotherhithe Street, SE16
* What House Awards - Gold Award - First in the Best Renovation category 1995
Client: Barratts
Designer: Crawley Hodgson Binns & Charles

Lavender Pond Nature Park. Rotherhithe Street, SE16
* London Improvement Trophy, The London In Bloom Committee 1994
Client: The Trust for Urban Ecology

Sovereign View, Rotherhithe Street, SE16
* What House Award - Best Exterior Design: Gold Scheme 1993
Client: Barratt
Designers: Swinhoe Measure Partnership

Canada Water, Surrey Quays. SE16
* Tourism for Tomorrow - English Tourist Board Award 1991
Clients: LDDC
Designer: LDDC/Gibberds

The Lakes, Redriff Road, Salter Road, SE16
* Housing Project Design Award 1991
Clients: Broseley
Designer: Shepherd, Epstein and Hunter

Redriff Estate, Rotherhithe Street, SE16
* NHBC - Conversion Award 1990
Clients: South London Family Housing Association
Designer: South London Surveying Services

Greenland Dock Development Scheme, SE16
* RICS-Inner City Awards (Highly Commanded) 1988
* RTPI - Annual Award for Planning Achievement - Highly Commended 1989

Clients: LDDC
Consultants: Conran Roche/Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners

Brandram's Wharf, Rotherhithe Street, SE16
* Civic Trust Award 1989
Clients: Brandram's Housing Co-operative
Designer: Levitt Rensten Associates Ltd

Surrey Docks Landscape Strategy, SE16/Surrey Quays, SE16
* Edwin Williams Memorial Award - Faculty of Building 1989
* CivicTrust Award 1989

Clients: LDDC
Designers: LDDC and Clouston Landscape Architects

Amos Estate, Rotherhithe Street, SE16
* NHBC Conversion Award 1988
Clients: South London Family Housing Association
Designer: A and Q Partnership/South London Surveying Services

2 Acorn Walk, Rotherhithe Street, SE16
* NHBC Conversion Awards 1988
Clients: Barratt East London/Hyde HA
Designer: Swinhoe Measures Partnership

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Bermondsey Riverside


Vogans Mill, 17 Mill Street SEI
* Civic Trust Award - Commendation 1994
Clients: Co-partnership Developments
Designer: Michael Squire Associates

22 Shad Thames, SE1
* Civic Trust Award - Commendation 1994
* RIBA London Region Award for Architecture 1993

Clients: David Mellor Design
Designer: Michael Hopkins & Partners

St. Olaf House, London Bridge City, Tooley Street, SE1
* British Council for Offices Award - Award in the Refurbished Office Building Category 1993
Client: St. Martins Property Corporation Ltd.
Designer: Rolfe Judd

Anchor Brewhouse, Shad Thames, SE1
* Europa Nostra Award 1989
* Civic Trust Award 1992

Client: Anchor Brewhouse Development
Designer: Pollard Thomas & Edwards

The Clove Building, Butlers Wharf, Shad Thames, SE1
* RIBA London Region Award for Architecture 1991
Clients: Butlers Wharf
Designer: Allies and Morrison

Cherry Garden Pier. Bermondsey Wall East, SE16
* BALI - Principal National Landscape Award 1990
* American Landscape Contractors Association - Environmental Improvement Distinction Award 1990

Clients: LDDC
Designers: LDDC/RMJM
Contractors: Brophy

Design Museum, Shad Thames, SE1
* RIBA London Region Award for Architecture 1990
Clients: Butlers Wharf Ltd
Designer: Conran Roche

St Saviour's Dock, Mill Street, Shad Thames, SE1
* RTPI Annual Award for Planning Achievement - Commended 1990

London Bridge City, Tooley Street, SE1
* The Commercial Awards for Waterside Developments by Jackson-Stops & Staff and Estates Gazette 1990
Clients: St. Manin's Property Corporation Ltd.
Designers: John S. Bonnington Partnership/Michael Twigg Brown & Partners

China Wharf, Mill Street, SEI
* Civic Trust Award 1989
Clients: Kentish Homes
Designer: CZWG

Hays Galleria, Tooley Street SEI
* Civic Trust Award 1989
* The Structural Steel Design Awards (Commendation) 1987

Clients: St Martin's Development Corporation
Designer: Michael Twigg Brown & Partners

New Concordia Wharf, Mill Street, SE1
* Civic Trust Award 1988
* The Times/RICS Conservation Award - Fiat Prize 1988
* Europa Nostra Award Gold Medal 1985

Clients: Jacobs Island Company
Designers: Pollard Thomas & Edwards

St Saviour's Dock Bridge, SE1
* RIBA London Region Award for Architecture 1997
Clients: LDDC
Designer: Nicholas Lacey & Partners

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Royal Docks


Royal Victoria Docks Footbridge, E16
* AJ/Bovis Awards - Royal Academy 1996
Client: LDDC
Designer: Lifschutz Davidson Ltd.

Canning Town Portal, Jubilee Line Extension Project
* Copper Develpment Association in association with RCI - Award for Innovation 1996
Client: London Underground
Designer: Jubilee line Extension Project

Limmo Peninsula, E16
* BALI Landscape Awards - National Award Winner for Land Renewal 1996
Client: London Docklands Development Corporation
Designer: English Landscapes

West Silvertown Urban Village, E16
* RIBA Housing Project Awards 1995
* National Housing and Town Planning Council - Commendation for Partnership 1997

Clients: Wimpey/Peabody and East London Housing Associations/London Borough of Newham/LDDC
Designers: Tibbalds Monro/Broadway Malyan

Docklands Light Railway, Poplar - Beckton Extension
* British Institute of Architectural Technologists Technical Excellence Award 1995
Clients: DLR/LDDC
Designer: Ahrends Burton & Koralek

Royal Docks Development Framework
* RPTI Award for Planning Achievement Commendation - Infrastructure led Urban Regeneration in London Docklands Opening up the Royal Docks 1993
* RTPI Francis Tibbalds Award for Planning Achievement in London - Joint Winning Entry 1993

Client: LDDC
Designer: LDDC

Connaught Plaza Landscape
* Civic Trust Awards 1996 - Commendation
Client: LDDC
Designer: Gillespies

Royal Docks Tidal Pumping Station, Royal Victoria Dock, E16
* Constructa Preis 1992
Client: LDDC
Designer: Richard Rogers Partnership

Royal Docks Landscape
* Edwin Williams Memorial Award - Commended 1992
Client: LDDC
Designer: LDDC

Royal Docks Office, Royal Victoria Dock E16
* BALl Award of Merit 1988
Client: LDDC
Designer: Livingston McKintosh Associates

Bow Creek Ecology Park
* Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors 'Greening the City' Award 1997
Client: LDDC
Designer: Gibberd Landscape Design

Royal Albert Piazza
* Landscape Institute Award 1997
Client: LDDC
Designer: LDC Ltd

Crescent Block, Royal Victoria Dock, E16
* Housing Design Award sponsored by Department of the Environment, National House Building Council, RIBA and The Royal Town Planning Institute 1997
Client: Peabody Trust
Designer: Tibbalds Monro

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